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 Clan Meeting Results - June 30th 2013

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PostSubject: Clan Meeting Results - June 30th 2013   Tue 02 Jul 2013, 06:57

Clan Meeting: June 30th 2013

We covered a wide range of topics from recruiting new members to removing existing members. Below I will cover everything that was talked about and what has changed.

  1. First and foremost, please everyone BUMP the Rs Thread Quick find code: 290-291-314-65026803 . If someone shows their interest in the clan respond to their post and PM them in-game, show that we're interested in them.

  2. CC Mods (RS rank Organiser+) will now be able to add/remove members from the clan. The same 3 warnings rule applies when removing members, however a new system has been made for new members, which is...

  3. Waiting a week to be added to the clan is now gone. Members will be added based on the discretion of the Mod+ that invited them. They will be a recruit on probation for a week, whereby they will then be voted upon to see if they are a good fit in the clan. If so, they will be ranked up to Corporal. All non-CC Mod members prior to this being implemented have had their rank raised by 1.

  4. Inactive members of 6 months or more (special exceptions withstanding) will be removed from the clan. If they return, they will be given their old rank back.

  5. Finally, please tell your fellow clan mates to check these forums when they get the chance. Pagan and I will be revamping the forums soon, but it'll be pointless if no one uses them! A simple reminder that our off site forum exists to your fellow AIR member is deeply appreciated Smile

If I've missed anything or have something to add please post below. Thank you to everyone that came.
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Clan Meeting Results - June 30th 2013
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